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Doktor24 and Apoteket are broadening their collaboration: three clinics are opening in pharmacies

On 16 June, nurse-led Doktor24 clinics will open at three pharmacies in Stockholm. Here you can get help with a range of care and health services.




In January 2020, Apoteket became a partner in the digital care provider Doktor24. The purpose is to unite the pharmacy’s store network with Doktor24’s digital care services and care staff in a digital and physical care and health network.

Doktor24’s nurses are available in 60 health rooms at pharmacies around Sweden since May and offer vaccinations and antibody testing, among other things. Today, the next step in the collaboration is taken and nurse-led Doktor24 clinics will open at three pharmacies in Stockholm. At the Doktor24 clinics, there is a larger range of care and health services, both for drop-in and at booked times. More Doktor24 clinics are planned at pharmacies around the country.

– With the new Doktor24 clinics, we are taking an important step towards truly patient-centered care that can make everyday life easier for many people, not least for our many chronic patients. When people can get help with care matters effectively and closely, the entire healthcare system is also relieved, says Daniel Lillienau, CEO of Doktor24.

Doktor24 clinics will open on 16 June at three pharmacies in Stockholm: Apoteket C.W Scheele near the central station, Apoteket Björnen on Södermalm and Apoteket Kungsmyntan on Kungsholmen. The clinics initially offer vaccinations, antibody tests and blood pressure testing, as well as advice and help with, for example, insect bites and simple wound care. A visit to the Doktor24 clinic can also be part of a digital care meeting where a physical examination, for example a blood pressure, is needed to be able to make a diagnosis. In the long run, the range will be expanded and more services will be offered.

– We want to increase support for our customers and be able to help more people with both health and safe drug treatment. More and more people are embracing digital technology and want to both shop online and get advice in new channels and here we can play a bigger role and offer more services, not least for the large groups who medicate for chronic diseases, says Ann Carlsson, CEO of The pharmacy.


Antibody testing

An example of a new service is the antibody tests that show a recent infection with covid-19 that Doktor24 and Apoteket offer at pharmacies around the country. Antibody testing is performed today at around 20 pharmacies. The number of pharmacies offering testing is continuously increased in order to provide good national availability.

– We clearly see how the infrastructure we have built creates great value by being able to quickly respond to society’s wishes for increased testing for Covid-19. By offering antibody tests that do not compete with the healthcare lab capacity, which is already under heavy pressure, we instead add capacity to the healthcare system and we have jointly increased the number of covid19 tests performed across the country, says Tobias Perdahl, Chief Medical Officer at Doktor24.

Ordering, booking and follow-up takes place digitally and sampling takes place at the pharmacy through a capillary blood sample from the finger. Test results are obtained within 24 hours from Doktor24’s care staff through a feedback of the test result and any recommendations.

Doktor24 and Apoteket follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s guidelines in choosing a supplier and test method. The validation studies for the antibody tests offered by Doktor24 and Apoteket demonstrate 93.7% sensitivity and 99.9% specificity for IgG antibodies. High specificity is important because it minimizes the risk of false positive responses.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Frisk, Press officer at Apoteket, 070-3704042, magnus.frisk@apoteket.se

Sara Dannborg, Head of Communications Doctor 24, 0739-825842 sara.dannborg@doktor24.se