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Platform Enabler and care Provider – in one group.

Doktor24 Group started in 2016 with a vision of an accessible, sustainable and equal healthcare with high medical quality. Being both technology developers and health care providers, we have built a unique knowledge and currently leads the development of intelligent automated healthcare technology solutions and integrated care platforms.

The technology is both the heart and the backbone of Doktor24 Group. Every year, one million patients are guided to the right care through our system. The platform is unique in that it can automatically triage, advice and coordinate patients across clinical pathways. The patient experiences a smooth journey through both digital and physical care. Private and public care providers successfully use our platform solutions to build accessible, safe and efficient care.

Enable & Deliver Care

Our position as being both developer of advanced health technology and at the same time digital and physical care provider directly to patients is unique. The high demands we have on our platform benefit our customers. The feedback loop is superior and we can quickly test, change and create new solutions. And it pays off. Our efficient technology with its steady focus on usability and a patient-centered care journey is attracting considerable interest.

An integrated digi-physical network with unimaginable possibilities
When guiding the patient to the right level of care and care profession, the system can go from the simple to the most complex. We seamlessly connect the patient with digital and physical care in a coherent care network. A network where other healthcare actors can contribute and take advantage of the opportunities of a diversity of care actors and experts, regionally, nationally and in the long run globally. Doktor24 Group represents a unique patient experience and an easy, accessible and sustainable healthcare.

Since the start in 2016 our development has been rapid. Here you can read more about our historical milestones!