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Releasing the power of smart & seamless Healthcare

Today’s healthcare systems are facing a fundamental shift. Being both a leading tech provider and a digital caregiver, Doktor24 Group is a key driver and enabler in a vital transformation. Digital platforms where the patient’s journey is smooth, safe and coherent and where healthcare resources are used efficiently.


About us

Increasing care needs and costs, poor accessibility and shortage of resources. These challenges are shared by health care systems around the world and the current pandemic has further accelerated the need for change. Healthcare needs to be patient-centered, integrated and efficient. Doktor24 Group drives that transition. We have the knowledge and the tools to shape the future of Healthcare – today.

Releasing the power of smart and seamless healthcare 

Platform24 – HealthTech

Platform24 – the digital backbone of Doktor24 Group – develops system support for coherent digital care chains with increased accessibility, efficiency and medical safety. We are frontrunner in automatic triage for directing patients to the right care, even in complex flows and along the entire patient pathway. Private and public care providers successfully use our platform solutions to build accessible, safe and efficient care.

Doktor24 – HealthCare

Digital when possible, physical when needed! Doktor24 offers digital care visits with doctors, nurses and psychologists. We help with most life-related problems, everything from allergy problems and urinary tract infections, to depression and anxiety. Together with Apoteket AB, Doktor24 has since May 2020 also been available at several pharmacies in Sweden where we offer healthcare services.